How to create the perfect social media post By January 30, 2023

Do you find it hard to make a post? It might be because you are skipping a few important steps. Posting a quick story or a funny meme is super simple, but when you need insights, not so much. There is some science to creating a social media post, so here are some tips that will help.

Use an image/video: Humans are naturally visual beings, we process visual content way faster than just plain text. Usually an image or video catches your audience’s attention which increases your insight. However, always ensure visual content is always of high quality, clarity is crucial.

Be informative: The nature of your post is always your decision to make, it can either be entertaining or informative. If it’s not, then you might need to rethink. Before you click post, ask yourself these questions, “How does it benefit my followers? Does it give them new information about your company?” This should allow you to decide which posts aren’t worth it.

Make it mobile friendly: We all know that most people own a smartphone and that number is potentially persons that will see your content. It is convenient and an advantage for a business owner, so if you aren’t releasing mobile-friendly content, you might be missing out on sales of potential customers.

Call to action: As the name states, you are calling your audience to take action. It could simply be “call now” or even “visit us”, this is just to ensure that the process for customers to take action is as easy as possible incase they had it in mind to do so.

Timing: Social media doesn’t sleep but your audience does. Picking the perfect time for your post allows your post to reach your audience when they are most attentive. Posting at the wrong times is like talking in an empty room. Check the time before you click “POST”

With all that said, the perfect social media post depends on a few factors like audience,  brand and the platform being used. However, these tips will make it a lot easier and water that engagement drought.