Stealing With Integrity: The Right Way And A Wrong Way To ‘Regram/Repost’, On Social Media

K Young By K Young January 30, 2023

There is a right way and a wrong way to ‘regram/repost,’ content. The common practice across social media is to drop “BORROWED” or “STOLEN” in the caption. While this is very a humorous way to repost, it is only acceptable if the creator is visibly credited as the source of the content. Otherwise, it might be considered as a copyright infringement; one way lacks integrity the other doesn’t.

Sounds familiar??, that’s because the concept is similar to the referencing techniques (e.g. MLA, APA etc.) used in academic writing to prevent plagiarism and in this case, give creators credit where credit is due. On some platforms reposting is a breach of the terms of service, and there are a few creators who usually don’t mind if you repurpose their content as reposting builds not only their web presence, but online citations. However, the majority does mind, and a repost could easily result in legal action or account banning, especially if no explicit consent was given.

To avoid the serious implications of reposting one of the best things a business could do is to create original, relevant, and valuable content. The next best thing would be to learn the terms of service of the platform(s) it uses to engage its audience and comply with best practices, like seeking the creator’s consent before reposting any content. A bit technical?…yes… but with help from Ezy Ad Marketing reposting and posting can be a breeze! Contact us to find out about our social media management and content creation services.

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