Social Media

Johnson’s Petroleum: Reinventing Brand Perception through Social Media Engagement

Client: Johnson’s Petroleum Executive Summary Johnson’s Petroleum, a leading gas provider known for its lower-than-average-cost fuel, faced a significant brand challenge. Consumers associated the brand’s competitive pricing with inferior quality fuel, colloquially deeming it “bad” or “dirty” gas. This case study explores how, over the past year, a digital marketing agency revolutionised Johnson’s Petroleum’s brand

Sunshine Cereals

Sunshine Cereals Jamaica – Establishing a Localized Brand Voice

Client: Sunshine Cereals Jamaica   Objective: To establish a localized brand essence for Sunshine Cereals Jamaica, transitioning from an international presence to a strong, resonant local brand identity in Jamaica. Background: Sunshine Cereals, with its robust international presence, primarily catered to the Trinidad market, tailoring all content and user experiences to fit their brand personas

How to master Social Media Business Etiquette: Best Practices for Professional Online Engagement

Social media has revolutionized the way businesses communicate and interact with their audiences. As more and more businesses rely on social media platforms to connect with customers, clients, partners, and colleagues, the concept of social media business etiquette has become increasingly important.   It is not just about following a set of random rules, but