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tsinclair.ezy@gmail.com By tsinclair.ezy@gmail.com June 13, 2024

Customizing an Agile Marketing Plan for a Startup Company

Keeping competitive and relevant in Jamaica’s fast-paced and dynamic business environment today requires an adaptable digital marketing strategy. Companies have to use digital channels wisely, adjust quickly to shifting market trends, and interact creatively with their audience. Particularly crucial is this strategy for creative entrepreneurs trying to carve out a place in the sometimes overlooked artistic world.

The enthusiastic artist Dominique Abra Roach was fully aware of this difficulty. Though Abra loved to paint, she first went after a medical degree. Her actual enthusiasm for painting, nevertheless, never wavered. Understanding that life is too short to put her aspirations on hold, Abra made the audacious decision. To follow her ambition of working as a full-time artist, she left medical school.

That was no easy trip. The talent-rich Jamaican art sector faces financial difficulties and little international acclaim. Abra realized she couldn’t depend alone on her artistic abilities to be successful. In a congested market, she required a strategic plan to make her work noticeable and appealing.

Determining Her Ideal Clientele

Abra opened Facebook and Instagram profiles to share her artwork with the world. She soon discovered, though, that just sharing something wasn’t going to provide her the momentum she wanted. Defining her target market was her first job. She might not reach her intended audience even though her artwork was displayed online. Abra needed to make sure her audience saw her worth to produce leads. Social media advertising, which offered a wide range of targeting options to reach a particular demographic, was most effective in positioning her content.


Abra was not familiar enough with user research and analytics at first to know who she wanted to draw in. Rather, she focused on raising brand recognition in a particular age group and area. This was not a bad strategy, but it fell short of capturing the real spirit of her clientele. Global usage trends can be learned a great deal from user statistics. Abra might have learned more about user demands, motivations, and behaviors by doing usability tests, questionnaires, and interviews. With the use of this data, she might have developed a customer profile that reflected the main characteristics of her target market, such as their favorite platforms, hobbies, age range, and place.

Visibility of the brand

Abra’s next job was to come up with an inexpensive plan for putting her artwork where her intended market would see it. She produced advertising for Facebook and Instagram that she could run for as little as $1 a day. This was plenty for a tiny firm to get her brand in front of prospective customers. Facebook and Instagram also gave her the opportunity to watch others, promote candid conversation, and display her artwork on these sites.

Abra also had to take into account the need to combine a content marketing plan with intelligent, excellent, and interesting material that stays current and benefits her target audience. Her audience will find her on these platforms more easily because of the use of brand-relevant keywords and locations, which also enhanced her social SEO.

An Integrated Method for Achievement

Though it takes labor to launch a business, cooperation is the key that enables regular people to accomplish remarkable things. The success of Abra is proof of the value of user data, consumer personas, agile marketing plans, and successful social media advertising. We at Ezy Ad Management recognize the need to build a solid basis for a successful company. Join your team and let us assist you in negotiating the intricacies of the digital marketing scene so that your business gets the credit and success it merits.

If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.”

—Henry Ford.

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