What You Need to Know about Instagram Threads

info@ezyadmarketing.com By info@ezyadmarketing.com July 10, 2023

We’re thrilled to present you to Instagram Threads, an Instagram-connected, micro-blogging app that has reportedly amassed 60 million users (via Quiver Quantitative) since it went live at 7 p.m. on July 5.

Instagram Threads elevates communication to a whole new level by giving you a personal, meaningful method to stay in touch with your closest friends and family. You may have more intimate talks with your closest friends and effortlessly stay up to date on their newest news thanks to features designed especially for them.

How do I join?

Joining a thread is rather simple: Sign in using your Instagram account and password to preserve your verified status, followers, and username.

Although the platform operates quite similar to Twitter. Threads rollout comes on the heels of Twitter owner Elon Musk announcing limits to how many tweets you can read on Twitter per day. The limits were temporary, but the damage done seems to be a bit more permanent. Social media users have been searching for alternatives, like Mastodon and Bluesky, amid all the changes at Twitter. With Threads, you can have live conversations while also having the option to upload text, videos, and photographs.

How does Threads work?

Threads is a platform that lets you upload up to 500 character updates or brief posts that were developed by Meta’s Instagram team. Links, images, and movies up to five minutes in length are permitted. Your Instagram account is connected to the app, and according to Meta, you can “easily share a Threads post to your Instagram story, or share your post as a link on any other platform you choose.”

Posts from users and accounts you follow on Instagram or Threads will appear in your feed along with suggestions for fresh material. Additionally, you can limit who is permitted to mention you and filter certain terms from your feed.

Before you start using Threads ensure you are fine with…

Data Privacy Concerns

According to Threads’ data privacy declaration on the App Store, it may gather a variety of personal data, including health, financial, contacts, browsing and search history, location data, transactions, and “sensitive info.”

Currently, Threads is not accessible in the European Union, which has stringent data privacy laws.

According to commission spokesman Graham Doyle, Meta advised Ireland’s Data Privacy Commission, Meta’s primary EU privacy regulator, that it has no immediate intentions to introduce Threads in the 27-nation union. The business stated that it is aiming to expand the app’s availability to new nations, but cited regulatory uncertainty as the reason for delaying a European debut.

Unable to switch between accounts

Anyone who runs a business, has a personal account, has an account where they share interests, or just has a secondary account is aware of how simple it is to handle everything on Instagram. In contrast, Threads requires you to log in and out of each account. I definitely won’t use Threads with my secondary Instagram account, but I’m hoping Meta will ultimately make it simpler.

Threads profile can only be deleted by deleting Instagram account, Meta says

Deleting a Threads account requires deleting the linked Instagram account.

According to Meta’s Supplemental Privacy Policy, “You may deactivate your Threads profile at any time, but your Threads profile can only be deleted by deleting your Instagram account.”

A Threads profile is a component of the user’s Instagram account, which Meta explains in more detail on the policy page. Many people were astonished when they learned about this requirement.
To be clear, you can deactivate your Threads account, which makes your profile and material on the platform invisible, set your profile to private, and erase specific threads postings – all without destroying your Instagram account. Because Instagram powers Threads, there is only one account available right now, however, we’re looking into a means to remove your Threads account individually.

Overall, Instagram Threads provides a unique and engaging way to connect with loved ones, with its intimate communication features and the ability to share various forms of media. Despite a few limitations and privacy concerns, it offers an alternative for users seeking a more personal and focused social media experience.

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